About Us

Hello, I hope you are all well. When you click on this page it means you must know about us. Anyway, we want to share with you some things that will help you understand about us.

We have a team of 7 to 8 people. And when it comes to blogging, blogging is our profession. All the money we earn from this blog is shared among everyone.

But not everyone on our team is a blogger. Many of them are professional digital marketers. It works as a digital marketer in various agencies. Again, 2 of them are professional social media marketers.

It works on different platforms. In addition to their work, every marketer is involved in the blogging profession. 3 out of 6 people work with the SEO of our blog and the rest are content writers. For good reason, we can’t mention anyone’s identity. One day we will be able to share everyone’s profile with you.

Our Working Process

We have ten websites. A minimum of 10 content is posted on these ten websites every month. But our content is not just learning. We have different types of content. Such as video content, infographics, tutorials, etc. After the content is written, the on-page SEO worker checks our content.

Once the content is checked, the spelling of the content is checked by an editor. And at the end of it all the content is published by the Content Manager.

The advantage here is that our work schedule changes every month. Like I was once a content manager now I am a content writer. Once again I will be the content manager. Of course, we don’t think about all these things. Each of our article writers has a good idea of on-page SEO topics.

Can I join your team?

Of course, you can join our team. In that case, there must be some conditions. And the mind to invest with something must have humanity. You must have a blog to work with our team. No problem if you don’t have a blog. We will create a blog for you. You will be supported in all areas of your blog. In this case, you can gain experience by working with our team.

But yes you will not get any part of our current income. But when your blog starts to earn money, we have to pay some of it. Of course, after you join, you will get a part of the money from the blogs of all the new bloggers.

I personally think you will have a lot of experience working with us. Which can be used to earn more money from the blogging profession.

Contact Us

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