Dhaka Escort Services: The Ultimate Quiz

Explore the intriguing world of Dhaka escort services with our comprehensive 10-round quiz. Test your knowledge and discover fascinating insights into this unique industry

Round 1: Introduction to Dhaka Escort Services

  1. What is the primary purpose of an escort service in Dhaka?
    • A. Providing companionship and social escorting
    • B. Taxi services
    • C. Food delivery
    • D. Plumbing services
  2. In which city is Dhaka located?
    • A. Kolkata
    • B. Mumbai
    • C. Dhaka
    • D. Delhi
  3. Which of the following is NOT a common type of escort service in Dhaka?
    • A. Dinner dates
    • B. Tour guiding
    • C. Car rentals
    • D. Party companions
  4. What is the legal status of escort services in Dhaka?
    • A. Fully legal and regulated
    • B. Illegal and banned
    • C. Legal but unregulated
    • D. Legal only on weekends
  5. Which of these is a common misconception about escort services in Dhaka?
    • A. They are all involved in illegal activities
    • B. They only provide companionship
    • C. They are available 24/7
    • D. They are only for tourists

Round 2: Popular Escort Service Providers

  1. Which well-known website is often used to connect with escorts in Dhaka?
    • A. Facebook
    • B. LinkedIn
    • C. Craigslist
    • D. Airbnb
  2. The term “GFE” in the context of escort services stands for:
    • A. Good Financial Earnings
    • B. Genuine Friendship Experience
    • C. Government Funded Escort
    • D. Great Food Extravaganza
  3. What is the typical attire for an escort in Dhaka?
    • A. Traditional Bangladeshi clothing
    • B. Business attire
    • C. Casual wear
    • D. It varies based on the client’s request
  4. Which of the following is NOT a factor that can affect the pricing of escort services in Dhaka?
    • A. Duration of the service
    • B. Age of the escort
    • C. Distance traveled
    • D. Favorite color of the escort
  5. What should clients always prioritize when engaging an escort service in Dhaka?
    • A. Bargaining for lower prices
    • B. Safety and discretion
    • C. Sharing personal information
    • D. Bringing friends along

Round 3: Etiquette and Safety

  1. What should a client do to ensure their safety when meeting an escort in Dhaka?
    • A. Share their home address
    • B. Meet in a public place first
    • C. Provide their social security number
    • D. Ask for the escort’s bank details
  2. How should clients handle payments for escort services in Dhaka?
    • A. Pay in cash only
    • B. Use cryptocurrency for transactions
    • C. Avoid paying altogether
    • D. Use a secure and traceable method
  3. What is the appropriate way to end an escort service session in Dhaka?
    • A. Leave abruptly without saying anything
    • B. Extend the session without consent
    • C. Thank the escort and part on good terms
    • D. Demand a refund
  4. How can clients ensure they are engaging with a reputable escort service in Dhaka?
    • A. Check online reviews and ratings
    • B. Avoid any escort services with websites
    • C. Trust advertisements on public bathroom walls
    • D. Choose services at random
  5. In Dhaka, what is the legal age for someone to work as an escort?
    • A. 18 years old
    • B. 21 years old
    • C. 16 years old
    • D. There is no legal age limit

Round 4: Dhaka Escort Service History

  1. When did escort services first become prominent in Dhaka?
    • A. The 19th century
    • B. The 20th century
    • C. The 21st century
    • D. They have always been present
  2. Which historical event in Dhaka’s history had an impact on the escort service industry?
    • A. The Liberation War of 1971
    • B. The Mughal Empire’s rule
    • C. The construction of the Dhaka Metro
    • D. The Great Bengal Famine
  3. Which famous personality is rumored to have used escort services in Dhaka in the past?
    • A. Mahatma Gandhi
    • B. Rabindranath Tagore
    • C. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
    • D. Mother Teresa
  4. How has the perception of escort services in Dhaka evolved over the years?
    • A. They have gained more social acceptance
    • B. They have become illegal
    • C. They are now only for tourists
    • D. They remain largely unchanged
  5. What cultural influences have shaped the escort service industry in Dhaka?
    • A. Bollywood
    • B. Hollywood
    • C. Bangladeshi folk music
    • D. Japanese anime