GP 500 SMS Pack and Flexiplan 30 Days Code 2021


Maybe you try to find GP 500 SMS Pack Code so the content for you. I will describe to you how to buy 500 SMS for 30 days of validation. Use Flexiplan to purchase 500 GP SMS.

If you are trying to find a code to purchase 500 SMS, let me tell you that there is no GP code for purchasing 500 SMS.
If you want to purchase 500 SMS, you need to use the Flexi plan app. You can’t buy 500 GP SMS without the Flexiplan app.

Buy 500 GP SMS Pack TK. 19.05

Below is a step-by-step discussion on how to purchase 500 MSM from the Flexiplan app. Open the MyGP app on your mobile. And click on the Flexiplan icon below. Notice the image below.

mygp app

Click on the Flexiplan option from the MyGP app. After opening the Flexiplan app, look at the image below. If you do not have the MyGP App on your mobile, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

flexiplan app

Now select Zero MB, Zero Minute. Validity 30 days and select 500 SMS number. Your total cost will be 19 rupees 05 paise. Now finish purchasing your package by clicking the Continue button. After clicking on the Continue button, you will see the image below.

buy 500 sms pack

Notice in the picture above you will see a summary of all the SMS packages here. Validity 30 days, savings 75% and SMS 500. And you can see how much money is being deducted from your current balance here.

If you want, you can select the gift option and buy 500 SMS to any other Grameen number. And if you buy SMS from Flexiplan, you will get 14 GP points.

If you purchase any Grameen package using MyGP app, you will get GP points for purchasing each package. You can purchase minutes, MB, SMS using this GP point in the mountains.

500 sms buy complite

Click on the Confirm Purchase button and you will get an SMS like the picture above. And you will be sent an SMS from GP with 500 SMS confirmation of purchase. Notice the image below

500 sms buying successful sms

See the SMS above. You will get such magic. You can check SMS using code. SMS checking code * 121 * 1 * 2 #

GP 30 Days SMS Pack

GP Flexiplan App