GP SMS Pack in United States

GP International SMS PACK

You can purchase GP SMS from anywhere in the world. It is possible to purchase SMS through GP bulk service. Again, many people try to buy GP SMS for their own or someone else’s needs. If you have a GP app, you can send SMS gifts from anywhere.

You Can Buy This type of Service Form GP

  • Buy SMS From GP
  • Buy Internet From GP
  • Buy Minuets Pack From GP
  • Buy Bulk SMS From GP

You need to contact the corporate level to avail of GP bulk SMS service. The bulk SMS service is usually used to promote business. You can use the Balk SMS service to promote your local business.


You can read the following article to know more about bulk SMS services.

Bulk SMS Service

How to Buy GP SMS Pack From United States?

Grameen Phone currently has SMS sending agreements with 542 operators in 188 countries around the world. So you can send SMS from UK to any number in Bangladesh at any time. Again, if you want, you can buy SMS by purchasing GP International or Tourist SIM.

GP International SMS Service

One important thing is that when you send an SMS, you must see if the GP covers that area. It is never possible to send an SMS if the GP is out of that area cover.

  • BDT 2.5 Per SMS
  • 15% VAT + 15% SD + 1% Surcharge
PackagesUnited StatesValidityActive CodePrice
Monthly50 SMS30 DaysStart < Space > ISMS M Send 3040BDT. 50
Weekly20 SMS7 DaysStart < Space > ISMS W Send 3040BDT. 25
Daily10 SMS1 DayStart < Space > ISMS D Send 3040BDT. 15

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If you have any problems purchasing SMS from UK, you can contact us.


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