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GP SMS Pack 2022: Today’s update with Grameenphone’s new SMS offer pack 2022. All the information you find here applies to Grameenphone operators only. So this post is not for you if you have any other operator.

And all the discussion information in this post is obtained from Grameen Phone’s official website or SMS Marketing. Grameenphone offers a variety of offers every few days, so you can visit the GP website to get the latest updates.

GP has many types of SMS offers. Today we will talk only about the popular SMS offers. Discuss all offers that will help you avoid wasting money. You Can buy GP 50 SMS Pack Offer this pack buys possible by code.

GP brings new updates to the SMS packs on its website. All the packages mentioned today are 2022 update packs. Easy ways to buy GP SMS Pack on the internet.

gp Flexiplan outlook

GP Flexi Plan SMS Pack Details

GP SMS PackSMS PriceBuy SMS SMS Expire Time
50 SMSTK 6.00Flexi Plan30 Day
200 SMSTK 11.09Flexi Plan30 Day
500 SMS TK 19.05Flexi Plan30 Day
1000 SMSTK 35.98Flexi Plan30 Day
GP Flexi Plan SMS Packages

The GP may change the price of the package at any time. So please check before purchasing. Since we promote GP’s offer with the intention of writing a blog, we have no obligation in this regard.

And every Flexiplan offer has SC, SD & VAT added. You will pay according to the price of the package and in this case, you will not have to pay any extra money.

Note: Buy 500 SMS From GP SMS PACK

If you question me which SMS pack is best so I would suggest you purchase 1000 SMS for 30 days. If you buy 1000 SMS, the price of each SMS will be only 0.03598 paise. But if you buy 500 SMS then the price of each SMS will be 0.0381 Paisa.

When you click on the Flexi plan link in the table above, you will see a picture like the one below.

gp sms pack

If you click on the Continue button with your mobile number in the specified place, the SMS will be purchased. If you do not have a balance on your SIM, you can purchase GP SMS Packages using bKash, card, or any other payment method. And 30 Days GP SMS Pack is another opportunity to buy SMS Pack.

Grameenphone sms pack

GP SMS Pack Update

GP Update her NEW GP SMS Pack For 100 GP SMS And 25 GP SMS.

GP SMS Pack DetailsTaka
100 GP-GP SMS, (validity 4 days) To avail offer *121*1015*1#TK. 7
25 SMS (any local number) Validity 3 days To avail offer *121*1015*2#TK. 2

Terms & Conditions For GP SMS Pack

  • These SMS packages are applicable for both postpaid and prepaid customers.
  • When purchasing SMS you will be given a PIN with which to activate the SMS package. This PIN cannot be shared with anyone. If your package is not active after sharing the PIN, GP will not accept its responsibility.
  • The Flexi plan is completely different from regular SMS packages.
  • The validity of the SMS page purchased from Flexiplan will not be added to any other package.
  • You can’t just do a time extension without purchasing a package.
  • These SMS can be used by GP to GP and other operators.
  • Data, Talk Time Remaining to see SMS dial *121*1*2#
  • This offer is not applicable to Skitto users.
  • There is no renewal option for these SMS packages. So you have to purchase the package and finish the SMS within the specified time.

GP Regular SMS Packages

Number of GP SMSSMS Pack PriceSMS Pack CodeValidity
50 SMS TK. 2S3 Send 84261 Day
100 SMSTK. 7+Vat*121*1015*1#4 Days
100 SMSTK. 5+Vat*111*10*06#3 Days
25 SMS ( Any Local Number )TK. 2*121*1015*2#3 Days
100 ( GP To GP SMS Pack )TK. 7*121*1015*1#4 Days
GP Regular SMS Package

GP Regular SMS Packages Benefit

  • If you purchase a new SMS package before the expiration of the SMS package, the new SMS will be added to the previous SMS.
  • SMS can be purchased for an unlimited time.
  • You can send SMS to any local number.

GP SMS Pack Monthly

Two Ways to Buy GP SMS Pack

After the release of the GP Flexiplan app, GP does not offer any new SMS. Because using this Flexiplan app the customer can purchase SMS as per his mind. You can purchase 1, 3, 6, 15, 30 day SMS using this app.

Note: Have no regular package code in 30 days. But If you want to buy a monthly or 30-day pack so need to use a GP Flixe Plan Apps. Only the Flexi plan App can help to buy this type of service.

You will not see any new SMS offer even if you visit Grameen Phone’s website. But yes, sometimes Grameenphone offers minutes by mixing minutes and SMS.

GP SMS Question and Answer

GP 30 Days SMS Packages Buying System [ For PC ]

You can buy SMS For 1, 3, 7, 15, and 30 Days. A number of times you can buy 50, 200, 300 and 500. At first, Go To The Flexiplan apps and open them. If you want to buy the SMS from a PC so you can download the Flexi plan PC version app. This app help to buy the SMS directly from a PC.

GP Flexiplan SMS Pack

100 GP SMS Buying Process ( 7 Days )

Step – 1: Go To Your Mobiel Phone Dail Option And Dail the code of *121*1015*1#

GP SMS Buying Process Mobile Screenshot

Step – 2: See the image Below

Send Option to buy 100 GP SMS Pack Mobile screenshot

Step – 3: Now You can See the SMS On Your Mobile Display

Buying GP SMS Pack Mobile Screenshot

Step – 4: Go To Your Mobile Inbox and check the final SMS

7 Days Buying 100 SMS Pack Mobile Screenshot

If You want to Check the SMS Dial *121*1*2#. Also, you can buy the SMS with Renewal Just type SMS ON and Send 29999.

100 GP SMS PACK FOR 3 Days

Step – 1: The Code *111*10*05# is not working now. You can try to buy the 100 GP SMS PACK FOR 3 Days. See the image below.

Buy 100 SMS 3 Days Mobile Screenshot

When you dial the number on your mobile phone you see the image below. That means the code is not right for the service.

Buy 100 SMS 3 Days Mobile Screenshot 2


Step – 1: Go to your mobile phone options and dial *121*1015*2#

Step – 2: Now Confirm to buy the SMS Pack

Buy 25 GP SMS Pack Process Mobile Screenshot 2

Step – 3: This is the final SMS For Buying Pack

Buy 25 GP SMS Pack Process Mobile Screenshot 3

Now You can check the SMS. Dial *121*1*2#

GP SMS Checking Mobile Phone screenshot

Buy 50 GP SMS Code ( GP TO GP SMS PACK )

Number Of SMS: 50

50 SMS Buying Code: S3 Send 8426

Price of 50 SMS: Tk. 1

Validity: 1 Day

SMS Sending Operator: GP To GP And Another Operator.



How to Choose the Best GP SMS Pack

There are different types of SMS software and you should select the one according to your business needs. You can easily buy GP SMS Packages within this column.

You will get a range of messages that you can select and send from your mobile phone. You can also view all the messages that other users have sent you.

The SMS software offered by GP is the best for business travelers as it provides features like automatic scheduling of messages and alerts, real-time messaging, push service, and bulk messaging.

If you need any help with these features, you can contact GP through the link at the end of this article. It will also be useful if you buy the latest SMS pack from here avoiding any hustle.

The first thing that you should know is the usage of your mobile phone. You can use GP Postpaid to send messages. You need to buy the entire package of GP to send and receive messages from your handset.

When you look at the list of SMS offers that are available, you will find the best deal that comes under every category. The top of the list contains the best features such as text and multimedia messages and free voice call facilities.

gp sms pack

You can also find the best text message deals in the second step. You will find that the GP prepaid text and SMS offer is unique because it offers a number of additional benefits, such as GP Now on the Phone.

The feature is very useful when you want to remember important phone numbers or want to send specific text messages. When you want to send an SMS to a friend, you just need to put his phone number and you will receive an instant message.

When you are looking for the best GP prepaid text and SMS offer, you need to select the best one according to your needs.

You can check the details on various online stores where you will get the information on the latest offers and choose from there. The best thing about these packages is that they include unlimited talk time, free SMS, and various other benefits.

If you are looking for more benefits, you should also check out the GP prepaid text and SMS offers including the free gift feature. This is offered by all the GP prepaid customers who purchase any of their phones.

These are some of the amazing benefits that you will get if you buy the GP prepaid SMS Pack. If you want to know more about this fantastic offer, you should check out the information on the various online stores.

You should also check the FAQ section that will help you understand everything about the GP SMS Pack.

GP Manager Question and Answer Section

Grameenphone Dear Md Ashike Khan, Thanks for your question. Any prepaid or postpaid customer can easily buy GP to GP100 SMS for 4 days by dialing * 121 * 1015 * 1 # for 7 taka (all inclusive). In addition, prepaid customers can easily avail the 25 SMS (GP-any operator) offer by dialing * 121 * 1015 * 2 # with 2 Taka (inclusive of all charges). Term 3 days. Moreover you can buy SMS bundle as per your requirement from Flexiplan from MyGP app at different times and at different prices. You can easily go to Flexiplan option from the homepage of MyGP app.

The best thing about this offer is that it comes under the category of VASP (Voluntary Auto Service Provider). With this option, you will not be charged any extra fee for sending SMS or data to another phone number.

This will definitely make you save some money and also provide you with a hassle-free communication experience.

If you are looking for some of the best deals, you should also look out for the GP prepaid text and SMS packs that come under the flexible SMS offer. This is a special scheme offered by GP wherein the user is enabled to use different monthly plans and unlimited messaging options.

Questin and Answer for gp sms

The GP Flexi Plan SMS will surely work out cheaper than any other phone service. To know more about the benefits offered by the entire plan, you should check out the terms and conditions mentioned in the e-mail that you received from the company. By using this offer, you will get a lot of benefits and flexibility. You can easily choose the best option according to your needs and requirements.


How To Buy GP 50 SMS Pack?

How Can I check GP SMS?

It’s very easy to check your GP SMS pack just follow the instruction. Also, you can dial the following code.
SMS Check GP Code *121*1*2# or *566*2# or *566*18#
GP Internet Balance Checking Code: *121*1*4#

How Can I Buy GP SMS Pack?

GP SMS can be purchased in two ways one Flexiplan app through two regular packages. Which is mentioned in the table above.

How Can I Buy 50 GP SMS?

Two Ways you can buy GP 50 SMS. One is Flexi Plan and another regular base. Regular Bases 50 SMS price is TK 2 For 1 Day. Go To Your Mobile phone SMS Sending option and type S3 and send 8426.

How Can I Buy 25 GP SMS?

25 SMS Price is Tk 2 For 3 Days. Dial *121*1015*2#

How Can I buy 500 SMS in GP for 30 Days?

I don’t know of any regular package for purchasing 500 GP SMS. However, you can buy 500 SMS using Flexiplan for thirty days. It will cost you TK 19.05

How Can I Buy 1000 GP SMS?

You need to use the Flexi plan app to purchase 1000 SMS. Time will cost thirty days TK 35.98

Almost every GP changes its offer. So it is best to collect information from GP’s website and purchase any kind of package.

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